Welcome to Basic Brit

Welcome to Basic Brit! A channel where my friends and I piss about and waste our time playing video games.


My name’s Noah, I am the creator, editor, recorder, animator and anything else you can think of that’s important because I do all the technical stuff. Literally all of it. I might not be the best at the games but at least I make the videos look pretty.

Then there’s Callum. He’s obsessed with all things military and he’s Scottish which is why he wears a pilots uniform and a kilt. He’s our best marksman and rages very easily which is always funny.

Calgun is another marksman of the group if he’s having a good day. Why is his name Calgun? Well it’s actually Callum but having 2 Callum’s in the team gets confusing so we just call him by his Gamertag.

Then Paddy. He’s two things: stereotypically Irish and obsessed with his bike so of course he’s a Leprechaun in Biker Leathers.

And finally there’s Joe. His Gamertag is called Eater Of Cake so of course he is drawn as a giant cake.


So what games do we play?

Rainbow Six Siege

Battlefield 4

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Minecraft  NO, NO, NO!

And a few other things…


Here on the channel, we live by four simple rules:

1.) The harder you press the controller buttons, the harder the attack

2.) The more you shout at your TV, the higher your chance of success

3.) Leaning forward while playing gives +5 concentration

4.) Death is never, ever your fault. Ever.


And that’s all there is to know about us, enjoy the posts and enjoy the videos. New content comes out whenever we can be bothered… we can make it. Enjoy!


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